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Project Ideas  

Choosing a project is half the fun but can also be difficult. You don't need to choose a project idea from one of the lists below! Perhaps viewing some of these ideas, however, will help you come up with a novel science fair project idea.

We want kids to come up with more challenging project ideas this year. For example, no battery draining projects will be accepted for any kids past the first grade!

Some Ideas / Examples
I want to build a bridge.  Is a straight bridge or a curved design better?
What is the best material to put in a sandbag to block water, such as during a flood?
Do incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs produce the same type of light? The same amount of heat? What is the relationship between the electricity required, light produced, and heat generated?
How tall can you build a tower using only a sheet of paper. You can cut it, fold it, crumple it, but only use that single material. What works best?
Compare the characteristics of a structure that is constructed using different materials. You can compare strength, corrosion resistance, elasticity... be creative. The trick is to make certain your measurements are truly comparable to each other.
What can you do with a swim cap to optimize its ability to decrease drag in water? Can you alter the shape? Does one material work substantially better than another?
Using Lego Mindstorms or another robot building kit, can I design a robot that detects a barrier and moves away from it?
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Computer Science Project Ideas

For kids interested in computer science, consider Lego Mindstorms robots. A project idea might be something like, "Can a robot be programmed to successfully navigate a maze?" The drawback to Lego Mindstorms kits is that they are expensive.

If you want to program your own robot for free, consider Robocode, an environment in which you can program your own robot tank to be intelligent enough to combat other computer generated robot tanks. A project idea might be something like "Can a robot tank be programmed to successfully elude and defeat the default tanks that come with Robocode?"

With either Lego Mindstorms or Robocode, kids will employ basic math, strategy and tactics to program their robots.